Monday, May 16, 2016

“Traditional” Vienna - A Review

Back on 2/16 /u/KidMoxie over on the homebrewing subreddit posted his Geburtstagsparty – “Traditional” Vienna.

I was intrigued and inspired.

So I did it. I followed his outline more or less. The ingredients I followed exactly, because why bother making it if I can't at least do that much.

Vienna Malt (Weyermann) 9.5 lbs
Melanoidin (Weyermann) 4 oz
Blackprinz (Briess) 2 oz
Carafoam (Weyermann) 2 oz

1.25oz Hallertauer @ 60
0.5oz Hallertauer @ 10

Used a healthy starter of WLP830.

Simple, straight forward. Exactly the kind of beer I like to brew lately.

Mashed @152F for 60. Skipped the mash out step because lazy/time constraints, and I really just don't normally mash out.

OG: 1.047   FG: 1.012, ABV comes in a little over 4.5% which for me is perfect.

I fermented 7 days at 52F followed by a gradual rise (~4F per 24hrs) to 68F where it sat for 5 days for a diacetyl rest and to finish up completely.

At that point I cold crashed it for 3 weeks in primary and then racked it into the keg & added gelatin to fine it.

This picture is of the third pint pulled from the keg and I really don't think I can be happier with the result here:

The color isn't quite the same as what KidMoxie got. I attribute that partially to the glassware, and partially to just brewing it on a different system. Either way, I love the color and the clarity is great.

Moderate/high toasty malt. I think I get a tiny bit of noble hop, but my nose for hops isn't particularly good and I could be wrong. I mostly get malt, malt, and more malt.

Very clean aroma, no detectable baddies far as I can tell.

Crystal clear, leaning more towards copper than reddish for me but I'll take it. Fluffy white head that sticks around forever, laces the glass all the way to the last gulp.

Toasty, malty, awesomeness. Low floral hop notes and just enough bitterness to balance out the malt. Not overly sweet at all, just pleasantly malty. Finishes dry, clean, and leaving me wanting another. Or three.

Medium/light body, I carbonated it to around 2.6vols because that's where I like most of my beers anyway.

I am a huge fan of this style and certainly this recipe. I have had people tell me now that I need to make sure this is always on tap at my house.

5/15/16: I had this all typed up, but failed to submit the blog post. Wooo.

Well, now my problem is I'm all out. It was too damn good, and I drank it all.

Well, not me alone. I had a lot of help with friends that enjoyed it as well, but the keg has kicked and currently sits empty waiting for the next brew. I may just have to do it again, it was that good.

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