Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BrewUnited Homebrew Challenge!

Today I registered for the BrewUnited Challenge!

I am registered for
5B - Traditional Bock
8C - ESB
10B - American Amber Ale

I'm stoked, this is gonna be great!

Scroll down at this link (or the one up there) and look at the rules and the challenge aspect of it. It's awesome!

What's more awesome: The prizes! If that isn't motivation, god damn I dunno what is. Cost of entry is pretty standard ($10 for one beer, $5 for additional limit 3) for competitions.

I don't have a lot to say about this one yet. I also got a t-shirt ordered and a sticker, because why not? I'm excited, might as well show it off a bit.

I've been a big fan of homebrewdad for more than a year now. I'm happy for him and his blog expanding and growing, and that's what this competition is all about. To celebrate the growth of his blog into a community that has out grown a single person writing a blog.

I have no ambitions of following in his footsteps in that regard, but I certainly plan to participate and watch it grow. Participating in this competition is just one of the many ways you can too. Plus, look at the ingredient list you have to use!

For the lazy and to possibly intrigue you more:

must use all of these!
must use two of these!
Pilsner Malt
Munich Malt (Light or 10L)
Crystal 60L
Flaked Wheat

Extract Brewer Alternatives
Pilsen Malt (LME) or Pilsen Light (DME)
Munich Malt (LME) or Sparkling Amber (DME)
Crystal 60L (steep)
Wheat Malt (LME) or Bavarian Wheat (DME)
Northern Brewer
Any yeast of your choice; dry or liquid, commercial or wild.

For the purposes of this competition, we are using the rule that "pilsner is pilsner, crystal is crystal". In other words, any pilsner malt is legal, be it American, German, Belgian, floor malted, etc. Likewise, any crystal malt of ~60L is acceptable, be it American, British, German, etc.

I'm done rambling. Just excited. Time to plan!

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