Monday, April 13, 2015

Double brew day + BBQ = Great Success

Saturday (4/11/15) was an awesome brew day. Lot of cool people stopped by to help out, including a redditor that wanted to learn a bit about the all grain process since he's transitioning from extract to all grain.

I wish I had more pictures, but perhaps a few too many (haha, yeah right) beers were consumed. Also distractions with the BBQ portion, my 5 year old daughter running around like crazy and my dog that was constantly trying to find scraps of food... erhm, at any rate the actual brew day went amazingly smoothly.

20lbs 2row.
2lbs Munich.
1lb C60.
1lb Carapils.

Mashed in with 8 gallons of water, once temp stabilized it came in right around 150F. Closed it up for an hour and heated up another 8 gallons of water.

What we did is drain half of the first runnings into one bucket, and half into another. Then we batch sparged, and did that again. So it's kind of a double brew day, in that two different (similar, but different) 5 gallon batches are being made, but just one bigass mash and then mixing runnings to get equal gravity.

Ultimately we wound up with just over 11 gallons of 1.068 wort. Efficiency right in around 85%, pretty damn happy with that.

The first batch we did was the Mango IPA, hopping schedule here:
1oz Palisade @ 60
1oz Galaxy @ 10
1oz Citra @ 8
1oz Galaxy @ 5
1oz Citra @ 2

In a few days when fermentation dies down, I'm going to add a gallon of Mango Nectar to primary. When that ferments out, I'll be dry hopping with 3oz Citra for 4 days.

The second batch is a Zombie Dust clone (I bought a pound of Citra at a good price, so why not?) Hopping schedule:
Citra 1.25oz @ 15
Citra 1.25oz @ 10
Citra 1.25oz @ 5
Citra 1.25oz @ 1
Dry hop 3oz Citra 4 days.

This batch will be kegged and bottled first since I won't need to worry about adding fermentables. Works out nicely considering I only have the one keg to use currently anyway.

And yes, I am also aware that both batches are likely (the Mango IPA more so) to have some that won't fit into the 5 gallon keg. That's ok. I'll just bottle the leftover normally and enjoy having more beer. It's a good problem to have far as I'm concerned.

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