Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Brewin brewin brewin... and a BBQ.

Been a little while since I've had a brew party, and I was itching to get more brewing done anyway, so here we go!

This Saturday (4/11) I'll be doing two batches. First, a Mango IPA and second will be a Zombie Dust clone. Kind of. I'm too lazy to do two full mashes, so I'm doing one big mash since the main differences will be the hopping schedules and the gallon of mango nectar for the Mango IPA.


20lbs 2row.
2lbs Munich.
1lb C60.
1lb Carapils.

Attempting to end up with a gravity of ~1.065 for both batches. It may end up higher or a little lower, we'll see. If it goes as it normally does for me, I'll probably end up closer to 1.070 and I'm ok with that too. Picked up GY054 (Gigayeast Vermont IPA Yeast) from my local morebeer store. Going to start spinning it up tomorrow and end up with enough for both batches. Viability is 68%, or I could probably just spin up one 2L starter and split it, but I've got enough time so I'll deal with it.

Mango IPA Hopping Schedule:
1oz Palisade @ 60
1oz Galaxy @ 10
1oz Citra @ 8
1oz Galaxy @ 5
1oz Citra @ 2

Other addition:
1 Gallon Mango Nectar. Going to add this (chilled) directly to the sanitized bucket. Yes, I know I need to spin up a bigger starter as a result, that's fine.

Why, you ask? Because why not? I love mango. I like both Citra and Galaxy, and I'll have a bunch of people over to assist with tossing hops in and why not give 'em something to do? More fun that way. Also the Palisade has been in the freezer for a while now. It's there, and it gets the Mango IPA some more bitterness to balance it all out (I hope).

Hopping schedule for the Zombie Dust Clone is going to (pretty much) match the HBT clone recipe:
Citra 1.25oz @ 15
Citra 1.25oz @ 10
Citra 1.25oz @ 5
Citra 1.25oz @ 1

Citra 3oz @ Dry Hop ~5 days

Aside from brewing, we're also going to be having a bit of a BBQ. Chicken wings, cheese burgers, and whatever else I manage to pick up next time I go grocery shopping (probably Friday night). Perhaps some loud music to annoy the neighbors during the day (quasi payback for them annoying us at night). It shall be glorious, one way or another. Perhaps all the ways.

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