Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beer! Cider! Graff?

I've taken a bit of a break in the beer brewing since the partigyle party, mostly because I'm short on bottles and brewing two separate 5 gallon batches in one day provides quite a bit for my brewing pipeline.

I have no risk of running out of beer any time soon. Unless certain friends/family come over to help me with that particular problem, and then I'll brew more. But for now, I've got a decent bit of beer. Hefeweizen x2 ("normal" balanced Hefe, and the Banana Bomb Hefeweizen I open fermented), my Irish Red that tasted really off and now doesn't taste all that off, an English Barleywine, American Barleywine (both still aging out but I taste occasionally). Also just got to try my Galaxy IPA (2 weeks in the bottle) and it is delicious.

I have a Saison being bottled tomorrow as well.

All of those are five gallon batches, so there is an ample supply of beer at my house currently.

But I still want to make things! Brewing beer is a hard sale at home right now though, because we have so much (hint hint to friends reading this, you should probably drink more of my beer).

I like cider. I don't like cider long enough to wait a couple months for it to get good or longer for it to get better. The two Barleywine's I've done because I love the style in general and went with it. I don't like cider that much.

That's where graff comes into this situation. Specifically Brandon O's Graff.

I brewed up 5 gallons of it, slightly modified from his original recipe. Instead of DME, I used 3.5lbs of Belgian Pils. Subbed out the torrified wheat for carapils since it's what I had on hand.

Four gallons pasteurized Kirkland apple juice, one gallon wort made with 3.5lbs Belgian Pils, 2oz Carapils, 8oz C60 and .5oz Hallertau (had on hand, low AA).

I will probably be bottling that up in a couple weeks. Currently my bottle supply is somewhat lacking. So until people get me more bottles (I know a few of you are working on it), come over and drink my beer, or pitch in for a kegging system (wishful thinking!) I'm forced to delay bottling, which isn't really a big deal. Just how it is at the moment, means I've got a good supply going though so there is that!

More updates to come regarding the Graff, my Galaxy IPA and the Saison.

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