Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Partigyle Party #2 Part 1!

So we're still 4 days out, but I'm excited. On October 25th is my second Partigyle Party, which after the success/learning experience that was the original one back on August 30th I decided it's really the only way I want to brew for a while.

Why not? I mean, I get two different batches of beer out of one slightly longer brew day. I can use it as an excuse to invite a bunch of friends over, get a little BBQ action goin and coincidentally this one is scheduled to start at the same time as the Sharks game (1pm) on the 25th. Beer, BBQ, hockey. Who wouldn't want to spend a day with those things? Heathens. Filthy heathens. That's who.

Erhm... back on track.

So last time I did a somewhat "modified" partigyle that involved using a portion of the high gravity first runnings in the second batch to boost the gravity. Was strange, but it worked. This time around, we're going to do a more "traditional" partigyle.

The first runnings will be run off to make the first beer, and the second will make the second beer. No grist modifications, no combining runnings to even out gravity, none of that. This time, we're going for an Imperial Stout, and a... well, whatever comes out of the second runnings. Sweet Stout? Dry Stout? We'll sort that out after the fact.

Grain bill:

14lbs Belgian Pils
5lbs Munich
1.75lbs Roast Barley
1 each of Chocolate Malt, C120, C40, Carapils.

I haven't settled on hop additions just yet, but still some time to sort that out and a trip to the brew shop can be made day of if need be. We'll see. Going with WLP013 for the Imperial and probably go S-04 for the second runnings because I have it around, and laziness. Going to ramp up a 2L starter for the WLP013 tomorrow evening so I can crash and decant before brew day.

Gonna be making nachos, grilling some turkey burgers and various veggies during the brew day. Probably other stuff too, just haven't sorted that out yet. Should be good times. Pictures, details, etc to follow in Part 2!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beer! Cider! Graff?

I've taken a bit of a break in the beer brewing since the partigyle party, mostly because I'm short on bottles and brewing two separate 5 gallon batches in one day provides quite a bit for my brewing pipeline.

I have no risk of running out of beer any time soon. Unless certain friends/family come over to help me with that particular problem, and then I'll brew more. But for now, I've got a decent bit of beer. Hefeweizen x2 ("normal" balanced Hefe, and the Banana Bomb Hefeweizen I open fermented), my Irish Red that tasted really off and now doesn't taste all that off, an English Barleywine, American Barleywine (both still aging out but I taste occasionally). Also just got to try my Galaxy IPA (2 weeks in the bottle) and it is delicious.

I have a Saison being bottled tomorrow as well.

All of those are five gallon batches, so there is an ample supply of beer at my house currently.

But I still want to make things! Brewing beer is a hard sale at home right now though, because we have so much (hint hint to friends reading this, you should probably drink more of my beer).

I like cider. I don't like cider long enough to wait a couple months for it to get good or longer for it to get better. The two Barleywine's I've done because I love the style in general and went with it. I don't like cider that much.

That's where graff comes into this situation. Specifically Brandon O's Graff.

I brewed up 5 gallons of it, slightly modified from his original recipe. Instead of DME, I used 3.5lbs of Belgian Pils. Subbed out the torrified wheat for carapils since it's what I had on hand.

Four gallons pasteurized Kirkland apple juice, one gallon wort made with 3.5lbs Belgian Pils, 2oz Carapils, 8oz C60 and .5oz Hallertau (had on hand, low AA).

I will probably be bottling that up in a couple weeks. Currently my bottle supply is somewhat lacking. So until people get me more bottles (I know a few of you are working on it), come over and drink my beer, or pitch in for a kegging system (wishful thinking!) I'm forced to delay bottling, which isn't really a big deal. Just how it is at the moment, means I've got a good supply going though so there is that!

More updates to come regarding the Graff, my Galaxy IPA and the Saison.