Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Red Wheat Citrus Bomb: Update Picture & Notes

I think the above picture speaks pretty nicely for itself. Such a pretty beer. For those that did not see my original process post regarding this brew, you can certainly click back to the original post if you like. The recipe is listed below:

Approximately 9lbs White Wheat (in the brown bag, approx. because it hit 9lbs and added a little more)

.5oz Galena @60min
1oz Citra @10min
1oz Citra @5min
1oz Citra @0min

US-05 lazy-mode (dry pitch, OG was 1.042, FG 1.010)

Whirlfloc @ ~10mins <-- only clarifying aside from time in the bottle

5 Oranges, 4 Lemons, 2 Grapefruits zested and added @5mins.

Two beets, sliced and blended thoroughly with approximately 4 cups of water. Strained solids out and added with the zest.

This is an easy drinker. So much so that it's almost gone! I brewed it on June 4th and I may need to do it again soon. It's more of a Citra bomb than Citrus bomb, but I am not at all opposed to this. If/when I do brew it again I'll probably cut the 10min addition in half. Or not. May just do it as is again, because I'm enjoying the hell out of it and so has everyone thats tried it so far.

There is a smooth bitterness from the Galena that - I think - is quite nice when paired with the amount of zest and Citra hops added. I definitely taste grapefruit from the Citra. The grapefruit zest is probably there too but it blends in too much with the hop flavors. I can detect the orange and lemon zests, but it does take some effort with the overwhelming Citra presence, but I enjoy that as well anyway.

I am holding some in reserve for two reasons. One, someone I know from reddit/his blog may be in the bay area in the near future and expressed interest in trying it/review it on his blog. Two, one person (maybe two?) on reddit expressed concern that it may turn brown with time. So far so good, still a beautiful beer, but I suppose since time is the only thing that will really tell I'll just have to wait it out.

At any rate, I noticed that while I had posted my process and a picture of the beer in a hydrometer tube, I had not posted the finished product here. So here we have it! The Red Wheat Citrus Bomb in all its glory!

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