Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Red Wheat Citrus Bomb - Process Pictures.

My birthday was on June 4th. I'm not really big into birthday celebrations, but it was a pretty convenient excuse to brew beer! I decided I wanted to brew something perhaps a little unusual, and my friend Bret had an interesting idea involving beets to color a beer. The guy at the LHBS certainly thought it was unusual anyway.


Approximately 9lbs White Wheat (in the brown bag, approx. because it hit 9lbs and added a little more)

.5oz Galena @60min
1oz Citra @10min
1oz Citra @5min
1oz Citra @0min

5 Oranges, 4 Lemons, 2 Grapefruits zested and added @5mins.


Beet juice. Took two red beets, sliced 'em up and put them in the blender with ~4 cups of water. Blended 'em up, strained out the solids and that's what was left.



End mash

At the end of the mash. I forgot to mash out (how?! Oh well. This is supposed to be an easy drinker anyway) but at the end of the mash it was at 151, started at 154. Acceptable enough for me.

Sparged with 1.5gals and hit volume at 6.5gals pre-boil volume almost exactly. The gravity came out to 1.035 after temperature adjustment. Looks good for dilution via boiloff to ~1.042ish.

Galena bittering addition

My friend Dain adding .5oz Galena at the start of the boil. Don't forget to stir!


1oz Citra pellets for the 10min addition. Also added the immersion chiller and a whirlfloc tablet at this point as well. Whirlfloc helps to clump together the haze causing proteins and such in the finished product. Love it.

Ayva & Dain

My daughter Ayva being cute/threatening with a fork. Dain not sure whats going on. Or maybe checking the scale. Either way works.


1oz Citra pellets for the 5min addition plus all the zest.

Chill time

Forgot to take a picture for the flameout addition. We added another 1oz Citra at flameout, and then let it sit for about 10 minutes while we had some pie.

The immersion chiller was sitting in there for a good 10mins or so, sanitizes it so that when the wort comes down from boiling it won't introduce any nasties.

The colors duke!

Dat color! It's important to note that there was some trub mixed in, and that makes it appear brighter because the trub (hot/cold break and hop matter) is generally light in color. Interesting result there, but the next picture shows the nearly finished product, and an awesome color.

Hydrometer sample
Took this picture yesterday (6/16) when I checked gravity (~1.010, it's done). Gonna bottle it up tomorrow (6/18). Will certainly followup once carbonated.

The glass next to it is my Caribou Slobber clone (took the Caribou Slobber All Grain recipe and modified it based on what was available immediately here). Also delicious.

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