Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's get this thing rollin...

Hi everybody!

I’ve decided to blog about homebrewing beer (and likely mead, and cider as well down the road) because it’s turned into a very addicting hobby. So for my first entry here, let’s dive right in.

I started with the Northern Brewer’s Essential Brewer Starting Kit. I highly recommend it, as it really is all the essentials you will need to get started. Except a kettle. And hydrometer. Also a large mixing spoon or mash paddle.

Basically, that NB kit would get you started just fine. But if you're like me (and a whole lot of others out there) you'll end up wanting more things to make better beer. I'm several batches in at this point, and I'll post up a picture of all my gear shortly when I organize things and get everything all sorted out and pretty for a picture. The first beer I brewed was the extract kit that came with the starter kit, the Caribou Slobber Brown Ale. Delicious beer. In fact, I just recently brewed the all grain version of it and will be bottling it on Wednesday (May 7).

I quickly followed that kit with two more. A Cream Ale, and an American Hefeweizen. They all went OK. The Caribou Slobber was by far the favorite, and definitely my favorite of the first three, hence my decision to brew it again. Now you may have noticed I said I did it all grain this time. That sets me up for my next entry: Going All Grain. 

To be continued.... soon.

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